First of all, smelling, smelling the floor with a nose, the quality grade PVC floor is odorless. And those low-quality floors contain formaldehyde.

We can use the dirty shoes on the floor surface scratch brush, floor marks of dirty, scrub with a clean cloth, if can't clean or not completely clean, illustrate the fouling resistance of the floor.

We can use your fingertips, point or other sharp objects on the floor surface to test the wear resistance of the floor, line scratch is not obvious that the floor wear-resisting performance is poor.

Can be cut with a knife to test the stability of the floor, floor if the floor is easy to be cut open, and suggests the floor without glass fiber layer, the floor stability.

Testing the acid and alkaline of the floor, can be on the floor surface drops of alcohol, oil, a small amount of hydrochloric acid, a day after observing whether the floor surface aging, some floor acid-proof alkaline is very poor.